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Crating & Grooming Space

Crating and Grooming

1.   Crating and Grooming Space will be reserved, although space will be provided for exhibitors without reservations and for day crating.

2.       Please stack crates.  Soft sided crates will be allowed in the building, BUT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE LEFT WITH A DOG IN THEM UNSUPERVISED OR OVERNIGHT.  ANY VIOLATION IS SUBJECT TO DISCIPLINE.

3.       The Show Committee will mark all crating and grooming space.  Only approved crating and grooming space may be used.  ROPING OFF OF OR OTHERWISE RESERVING UNUSED CRATING AND GROOMING SPACE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

4.       The show committee reserves the right to require the stacking of crates, limiting the use of exercise pens, and any other remedies it may deem necessary for space in non reserved spaces on a case by case basis at their discretion.

5.       The Show Committees reserve the right to remove exercise pens anywhere in or around the building if not maintained. POSITIVELY NO EXCERCISING WILL BE PERMITTED OUTSIDE THE BUILDING EXCEPT IN DESIGNATED AREAS.  Dogs are not allowed in the landscape area around Dallas Convention Center, or in the lawn or shrubs around the complex.  Failure to observe the rules may result in an Event Hearing.  Outdoor exercise pens will be provided. 

6.       No sod allowed in the building.  NO ELECTRICAL CORDS allowed in the aisles.

7.       Ringside crating and tables will not be allowed except in designated areas.

8.       Each exhibitor is responsible for cleaning his set-up each day.  REMEMBER TO BRING A BROOM.

9.   Shavings must be used in all exercise pens.


Day Crating:

Space will be provided for exhibitors who want to “Show and Go”.  Crates & grooming tables will be allowed.  No exercise pens or drop pens in Day Crating.  Everything must be removed immediately following Best in Show judging each day or the Show Committee will remove & discard same.

Reserved Grooming

In order to provide better comfort and protection for you and your dogs, the Lone Star State Classic will offer preferred crating and grooming space.  This will allow you to unload dogs at your leisure, when the building is fully air-conditioned.  For exhibitors who do not show until Saturday, you can save on hotel bills, and still be assured of having a space.  Reservations close on Wednesday, June 17, 2015.

Crating/Grooming Reservation Form

         Reservations must be received no later than close of entries, June 17, 2015.  Monies will not be refunded & reservations cannot be changed after closing.  Confirmations will be published in a listing of all reservations along with a map on this website following the closing of entries.  No confirmations will be mailed.

         Check must accompany reservation form (no credit cards)

         Do not include reservation form & check with entries

         Reservations are for all days of the event, no partial reservations accepted.

         Reservations are limited and are on a first-come, first serve basis. When reserved space limit has been reached, additional reservations will be returned.

         Only 1 request for space per envelope will be accepted.  All others will be returned.

         No fax, email, walk-ins or telephone reservations will be accepted.

         Access to electrical plugs is not exclusive & is not reserved.

Reserved space will be strictly enforced.